Vision and Mission

who we are
  • The Childhood League Center’s
    Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs

    The foundation of all we do
  • Our Mission

    Through the cooperative efforts of a professional staff and a network of volunteers and families,
    The Center provides an environment that fosters the growth of the whole child; encourages expression, exploration, and discovery; and nurtures feelings of confidence and self-worth.

  • Our Vision

    To honor the bright future and hopes all families have for their children with special needs, The Childhood League Center ensures state-of-the-art programs and services for all children.

  • We Believe

    ♥ It is the right of all individuals to be a part of their community.
    ♥ Every child is unique and has innate strengths, capabilities, and potential.
    ♥ Every child has a right to quality early childhood education.
    ♥ Learning is active. It requires love, support, and guidance. It is possible through exploration, experimentation, and meaningful connections.
    ♥ Families are essential to a child’s healthy development.

  • If you share in our mission, vision, and beliefs, join us in continuing to make them a reality for children in Franklin County.

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