Current Needs

Please consider contributing to our pantry wish list:

Muffin mix, beans, canned fruit, tuna, chicken noodle soup, boxed macaroni and cheese, cereal, Hamburger Helper, noodles and pasta sauce, quick breads, rice, Honey Bear Straw Cups, iTunes gift cards (to purchase educational apps).

Childhood League Volunteers

League Volunteers

The women of The Childhood League are visionary leaders who are carrying on a tradition of volunteerism that began when the League was founded in 1945. The League’s simple and clear mission has always been to help children in need by championing educational opportunities. From the beginning, members have gone about their mission in an intelligent and compassionate manner by carefully assessing the needs in the community and directing their focus and resources according to this need.

Childhood League members make a five-year commitment, and each woman assumes varying degrees of responsibility. Their role as League members include:

  • Volunteering in the classroom, ensuring a 3 to 1 child to adult ratio is maintained.
  • Raising funds to support the Center’s $2.6 million operating budget. 
  • Serving in leadership positions.
  • Participating in the League’s annual fund-raiser, Merry Go Round, which generated nearly $390,000 in May 2012.

A substantial amount of a League volunteer’s commitment revolves around the annual fundraiser, Merry Go Round. Requirements include selling a minimum of $100 in raffle tickets, selling tables and admission tickets, attending two workshops and working shifts the night of the event. These responsibilities are in addition to the musical variety show that the League members and their husbands perform in at the gala. Auditions and rehearsals for the show begin in February, with committee meetings beginning a full 9 months before the event.

The League is a model for volunteerism. Decades ago, despite the substantial time and financial commitment involved, it was a significant honor to be selected as a member of The Childhood League. Members from the 1950s and 1960s describe the moment that they received the “knock on the door” and the official invitation from active members as a huge thrill and a unique honor.

Generations of women have passed on their legacy and love for the League and its mission to younger relatives. Despite the fact the so many more women now work outside of the home and that the League’s time commitment is far greater than other organizations, the League continues to attract 20-30 new members each year and has maintained its consistent number of approximately 100 active members.

If you are interested in becoming a League member or supporting The Childhood League, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information.

Mission:  In order to help central Ohio children with special needs realize their full potential, the volunteers of The Childhood League are devoted to providing both the children and their families support, guidance and opportunity.

Vision: To honor the bright future and hopes all families have for their children with special needs, The Childhood League will ensure state-of-the-art programs and services.