• Our Administration

    Our staff of highly-trained experts draws on their experience, education, and passion to help each child and family develop to their full potential.
  • Joined The Center: 2013

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    Good Night Moon


    “I loved reading this book every night to my son. When he began to read, he loved reading it to me.”

    Executive Director Ginger Young brings a long career of service and leadership to The Childhood League Center. Her experience includes serving as Director of the YWCA’s Family Center and Women’s Programs and as Vice President of Clinical Operations at St. Vincent Family Center.

    She also worked with the deaf and hard-of hearing community for more than 15 years. With strong connections in Central Ohio’s nonprofit community, she is leading The Center to make an ever-greater impact in the future.

  • Joined The Center: 1999

    Favorite Superhero:
    Wonder Woman


    Paula Litton supports the mission of The Center by being responsible for budgeting, investments, and human resources, and overall internal operations.

    For more than 15 years, she has witnessed the amazing impact of The Center teachers, therapists, and staff on children and families.

  • Joined The Center: 2014

    Favorite Superhero:
    Wonder Woman


    “Wonder Woman—because she is strong and runs fast in high heels!”

    Nicole Papa Odegaard finds her background as an art lover, fundraising enthusiast, and real estate attorney prepared her well for her work at The Childhood League Center.

    As Director of Advancement, she works with The League, volunteers, donors, and potential donors to further the mission of The Center while connecting us more closely with the community.

  • Joined The Center: 2016

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    The Monster at the End of This Book


    Jennifer Haddow, MS Ed, has a background which includes: teaching elementary students with intellectual delays and students with emotional disturbance, time as a behavioral specialist, facilitator of a school climate grant, administrative experience as a Special Education Coordinator for South-Western City Schools, and most recently, as the Director of Student Services of Grandview Heights Schools.

    Additionally, Jennifer is trained as a certified trauma specialist and worked with The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children. What attracted her most to The Center was the excellent staff and their vision for the future.

  • Joined The Center: 2015

    Favorite Superhero:


    Peter Tripp joined The Childhood League Center as Director of Community Development. Peter brings to this role 31 years of non-profit experience where he served both national and local organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, where he served as the Regional Director of Agency Development, and a local non-profit where he served as the Director of Donor and Investor Relations.

    Previously, Peter held the position of CEO for two different non-profit agencies, and for the past 15 years, he has consulted for the non-profit sector across the Midwest.

    “I was drawn to The Childhood League Center because of its positive impact on kids and their early education – a life-long passion of mine,” Peter says. “I look forward to sharing with individuals from broad sectors of our community about all of The Center‘s good work and the many ways they can get involved to help us do more.”

  • Joined The Center: 2014

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    Press Here


    “Press Here” is a fun book for kids and adults! It’s fun watching someone read it for the first time!

    Cathy’s background in teaching overseas and graphic design complement her role at The Center well. One of her favorite parts of working here is when she gets to spend time with the kids and take pictures. She enjoys seeing firsthand the changes happening in the children’s lives and sharing their stories.

  • Joined The Center: 2011

    Favorite Animal:


    “Puppies – I love their cute little faces and their puppy dog kisses.”

    She just completed her Master’s Degree in Human Services Counseling from Liberty University.

  • Joined The Center: 2016

    Favorite Animal:


    Tanvi Bhowmik has a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Rutgers University and an Accounting concentration from Columbus State Community College. Before coming to The Childhood League Center, Tanvi worked in the finance department of a tractor corporation and at an accounting firm.

    She was drawn to the position at The Center that was focused in her field of expertise, but she was equally happy to learn it would support the educational development of the children. Her favorite animal is the cow because they are extremely gentle and they provide us with milk.

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