• The need for our services is far greater than the 450 children we currently serve.

  • The Childhood League Center is committed to serving children under the age of 6 with developmental delays

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      “I have worked with so many children
      over my 22 years here, and they
      have all impacted me in some way.”
      — Mindy, Teacher Assistant

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      Early experiences matter for all children, especially for those who have been identified as having a developmental delay Intervening early makes a difference.
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      See The Center from the eyes
      of the amazing children we serve.

  • Central to The Childhood League Center’s mission is serving children with special needs and empowering their families. Inclusive programs are designed to promote positive development and learning for all children.
    We invite you to become a part of something special — improving the lives of children in our community.

    • “The Childhood League Center staff has not only been a most significant catalyst for Michael’s growth and development, but a beacon of hope and an emotional support base for us as parents of a child with many special needs. We sincerely love Michael’s teachers and therapists and the staff members who tirelessly work to help families, not just individuals.”

      - A Childhood League Center Parent
  • Virtual Book Bag:

    What’s at the bottom of your child’s backpack? Our Virtual Book Bag is a great way to stay informed about what your child is doing, and for you to take part in some great activities.


    • Attend educational programs + events for families
    • Learn healthy and safe cooking habits
    • Get valuable updates from our nurse
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